How to monitor Minswap transactions?

Hello everybody.
I am now trying to monitor all the swap transaction from Minswap platform.
So I was trying to use webhook (from Blockfrost), but I couldn’t quite catch only the Minswap swap transactions.
Can anyone help me on how to catch the swap transaction which happened on Minswap platform?

Thank you.

Hi, I solved this issue myself.
We can monitor minswap transaction using blockfrost webhook.

First we need to understand how minswap work.
(Which is fundamentally same with other swap protocols)

Here are addresses related to Minswap.
Like other swap protocols, Minswap has Order Contract and Pool Contract.

Order Contract Address: addr1zxn9efv2f6w82hagxqtn62ju4m293tqvw0uhmdl64ch8uw6j2c79gy9l76sdg0xwhd7r0c0kna0tycz4y5s6mlenh8pq6s3z70

Pool Contract Address:

(* These addresses are one of the addresses that are delegated to Minswap
You can see how Cardano address system works like stake address, payment address, delegation…)

Then you can create the Blockfrost webhook using these address (as sender and recipient),
then it will monitor the Minswap transactions well.

I hope this answer is helpful for all of us in community.

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