I am looking for a Cardano dapp developer

We are getting started planning the development of an NFT marketplace along with what appears to be several others excited about the possibility of Cardano/NFT. I am looking for someone to help engineer a solution/api that handles the following as soon as it can be done in the mainnet.

-creating a new token (ERC-20 (equivalent since I don’t believe ERC-20 is going to fit Cardano)
-create a wallet for that token
-smart contracts that on certain conditions that maintain royalty protections for the creator.
-handles transaction of token to new holder, etc.

Ideally we need to be able to consume solution in C#.

I am incredibly excited about the possibilities!


Lol, I am also developing an NFT platform and would love to run ADA smart contracts, so feel free to reach out to me too. Thx, Oliver

Hi Aaronagold,

This is Liang from Malaysia. I had been thinking of creating a nft marketplace in Cardano environment as well. Something like opensea or rarible. Currently, I found out that the biggest problem of NFT market place is they only support specific blockchain(it is not user friendly at all). If I have nft in Elrond, Solana, Ethereum or other blockchain. How could I trade it in a place without switching it to different places. Maybe we could have some discussion on that?

Here is my linkeln. Let connect. :grin:

I can’t help with the engineering!

But as far as I know you don’t need to create a wallet because the Daedalus wallet supports all native Cardano tokens, already!


Hi, would love to connect. Mail me: vv4567@gmail.com