I introduce myself

Hello People ,
I’m Macha from Holland I like to learn and read about Cardano.


Welcome Macha.

Saying hi from Breda :slight_smile:

Hello @Goede09,

It looks like you are touching a star.

Welcome Macha

Hello Macha! Let me introduce myself as well…im Ashley :smiley: Welcome to the Cardano community and forum. Great to see another one join the team. Nothing but brilliant and informative minds on this forum ( except for me, hehe). All the best!

Thank you :grinning: I have a lot to learn about Cardano but I enjoy . :wave:

Hi Macha. Seeing you touching the star one of my motto’s : “Per aspera ad astra” - “through hardship to the stars.”

Welcome to the starship @Goede09 :smile:

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A very warm welcome @Goede09 ! :slight_smile: