Ideas for Commercial Applications

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I would love to see business use cases get explored collectively. Anybody have any great ideas they want to share?


Hi … I have an Idea but its less about currency than smart contracts … I’m in New Zealand. My idea is about affordable housing. I believe it is possible to use smart contracts to define a persons relationship with their home removing lawyers, landlords and banks from the process of property ownership or occupation. I cam here hoping to meet people with a similar interest to help develop the idea

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You might be right regarding lawyers and banks, and that’s surely worth looking into, but surely landlords, being owners and therefore having rights over their property, cannot be removed from the process?


You have to forget nearly everything you know about property ownership to understand the concept. The smart contracts will effectively define the ownership rights. Investors reap there rewards from the removal of the banks and properties are defined by GPS coordinates. I am detailing all of this in a paper being written now and am looking for people with an interest to co-author. really i would like to get a discussion group going

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  1. a small loan, interest, repayment etc.

  2. a business venture, partnership, shares, dividend payouts etc.

I have been trying to figure out a way to connect smart contract’s to the distribution of Mill Test Report’s, I have not been able to come up with the direction I should take that would reward me for my time without creating a centralized business plan that involves managing server’s and file record’s, I would like to figure out a way that businesses could utilize the process without a business being involved as a middle man and while keeping the program on the Cardano platform and excluding running some type of file service (making it all decentralized).
I truly would like some feedback on how this type of project could be financially supported as it would take sale’s peoples effort’s to make cold call’s and presentation’s to get the program instituted (or other routes that might require financial startup).
MTR’s are a record of the testing that steel products have been through to certify that they meet current regulations, in the U.S. this is very important, companies that must record MTR’s spend a significant amount of time making sure that the MTR they have for the product they are using is correct and that the MTR truly can be traced back to where the product was made, the distributor of the product spend’s an ungodly amount of time (resources) to ensure that the product they sell has an MTR so that the end user will be in compliance with local and federal regulation’s.
I believe that a dAPP could be built that would alleviate the financial burden that the distributor currently has to pay for that would bring the price of the product down and make business better for them and also for the end user of the product.
I am currently in the industry of the production of natural gas and oil and have no doubt that such a dAPP would be useful.
Any feedback would be appreciated as I would like to make a contribution to a decentralized economy.

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Hello Rob, nice to see Kiwis here.

You might find this popular Reddit thread from a month ago interesting. They even open-sourced their smart-contracts code on Github

3,210 votes and 495 comments so far on Reddit

Also this article


Thank you … but the way i read them they don’t go far enough … in my vision there is no transfer of any cryptocurrency you simply keep the equity you save and transfer it along with yourself to your next home. I am aware that it would need an act of Parliament to give it legal standing. Speculators along with banks would be sitting on the sidelines. The biggest problem would be incorporating the electronic deeds in the national files so that they could be accessed by local authorities (city or district councils) for rating purposes(local taxes)

Hi and sorry for my late reply on this.
I consider it a very important one, worth not only a few phrases answer. I already spend a lot of time and thoughts in exactly this questions.
For example if someone is going to create a decentralized hotel booking platform, that should connect travelers and hosts without massive commission fees, this sound like a good idea (in fact there are already such ICOs). The question/problem is how people will get to know this platform… or in another word “brand” ?
Are you going to advertise it for money on centralized adbanner networks? Are you able (and willing) to build this up as an open standard where other travel-related actors can connect with their CRMs, websites, generally software? Or is your goal to build up a business having a fair revenue for you and your employees, and an effective value for the customers you’re able to find? Should or shouldn’t you fear that someone else is going to use your open source frame-work, and builds his global brand on it, because he’s good in marketing and sales?
Doing and solving this for a mainly virtual (digital) object like a hotel booking is one step.
The next one - as you mentioned - is the attempt to “connect” this to real physical goods and materials. Things like gas, or also most raw foodstuff (rice, meat, milk, …) One thing is the digital record, whether it is stored in a central SQL database or in a distributed ledger: the challenge is not only to prevent a manipulation of the digital records amount or value, but also that the effective product is that one you get/deliver.
Let’s assume you have 12 tons of ‘old’ meat in your refrigerated storage. If you order another fresh 12 tons and then deliver the old one along with the new ‘certificate’ you will always find one who buys your fresh material without the certificate.
I know not an answer but at least some thoughts. I’ll try to write more next days…