In my params.json, I couldn't find keyDeposit but can see stakeAddressDeposit

Hello experts,

In my params.json, I couldn’t find keyDeposit but I can see stakeAddressDeposit…

Its because I get null value when this command is ran from this tutorial:

keyDeposit=$(cat $NODE_HOME/params.json | jq -r ‘.keyDeposit’)
echo keyDeposit: $keyDeposit

I was wondering if I missed a step or can swap stakeAddressDeposit with keyDeposit?



Good catch - maybe it is outdated since 1.26.1 version. So go and change the name of the field.

Thanks so much @laplasz! I’ll try that!

Same for me, I registered my pool very recently and faced the same issue, among others. Documentation (coincashew or even official one) is not really up to date on some important things :slight_smile:

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weird that official documentation is still not up to date :confused:

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