Integrating Cardano to WordPress website

Introducing CardanoPress

A WordPress plugin that integrated in various wallets in the Cardano ecosystem and then allows various applications based on the core functionality of the plugin.

We wanted something to make it easier for users that are not web developers to be able to integrated some Web3 functionality.

Out of the box, you will be able to use the website for stake pools, NFT projects and project governance.

In its core we have basic transactions and payments buttons, delegate to a stake pool interactions and reading wallet balances of tokens to be able to vote in a rudimentary Governance system.

The base plugin can detect what tokens are in your wallet, where you’re delegated to an other on chain data using the Blockfrost API. We did originally have it integrated with the Dandelion API as well but they changed everything on us. We’ll look at other options again in the future in order to avoid centralisation of the API infrastructure.

The core plugin can be integrated with access level control (ACL) plugins and simple rules can be put in places based on that ACL.

For example, if you are delegated to a particular stake pool, you can gain access to a “Pay walled” piece of content which will allow you to mint a supporters NFT directly from the website.

GitHub: GitHub - CardanoPress/cardanopress: Cardano & WordPress plugin integration

We’ve found various projects picking it up, building small online tools, using it for project governance and coupling it with NFT minting engines to create a better user experience.

This video gives a nice overview of the project

We hope to see more and more projects pick it up and use it to build out their websites.