Interview - Cardano DeFi #006: TVVIN

Written interviews with DeFi projects on the Cardano blockchain.
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This week’s Cardano DeFi project is a licensed platform for real-world assets (RWAs), offering investors an easily tradable portfolio through RWA-backed tokens: TVVIN.

The previous guest was the sweetest automated market maker DEX on Cardano, which was actually the first and had been building ever since.

This initiative is a point of reference for Decentralised Finance (DeFi) on Cardano and every week or two we will invite someone to answer some questions and give us an update directly from within the Cardano community.

TVVIN is bringing RWAs to Cardano

Hey, nice to have you here. Please introduce your team, where are you from, what are your backgrounds?

Hey Patryk, and thanks for doing an article on us. I’m Thomas Tallis, the co-founder and CEO of TVVIN. I have worked in the cross section between Crypto and Traditional Finance since 2017 having been involved in projects both in and outside of Cardano in different capacities.

The team also includes our experienced Tech Lead Filip Blagojević, a blockchain development expert, and the exceptional Tech Partner Thespian, specialising in full-cycle software development and blockchain solutions with special competence within Cardano.

Eileen Kim, the Chief Investment Officer, has a strong background in traditional finance, having worked at BlackRock and has established two crypto hedge funds. She provides valuable insights into creating a robust business model for TVVIN.

CCO Nicholas Collinson brings extensive experience in regulated finance, partnerships, and investor relations, while CMO Lise Wessel contributes her expertise in branding, communication, and customer acquisition and has a proven track record of building up communities in the space.

We have been focused from the start in building a core team that brings high competence from all sectors we believe are needed as well as supplementing that team with experienced partners and consultants.

In addition, the rest of the team bring their own expertise and experience to TVVIN. When investors choose where to invest it is often the team that plays the biggest role next to the concept itself being sound. And that is how it should be.

What is TVVIN and what innovative solutions are you bringing to Cardano DeFi?

TVVIN is a licensed platform for real-world assets (RWAs), offering investors an easily tradable portfolio through RWA-backed tokens. Our unique feature, the Stable Index, presents a diverse collection of RWAs, reducing volatility associated with singular stores of value.

By holding our platform token, $TVVIX, you gain access to our specialised vaults, where you can grow your treasury.

What sets us apart is that TVVIN takes real-world assets and tokenises them on the blockchain. This enables you to trade and earn in the DeFi ecosystem while your assets remain securely stored in the physical world.

Our initial RWA-backed token is TVVIN Gold, which is 1:1 backed by LBMA Certified gold bullion that is securely vaulted and regularly audited. Our initial supply is a staggering 10,000 Kilos with a regular monthly supply to follow when we exceed this level.

Purchasing RWAs, like gold, in small quantities can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. Typically, you would have to engage with brokers that impose minimum purchase amounts. However, with our gold-backed token, you can benefit from the market value of gold while easily and affordably trading it for other assets such as BTC.

Unlike ETFs, which often come with hidden fees and where you don’t actually own the underlying asset (e.g., gold), TVVIN’s RWA-backed tokens provide a 1:1 backing of physical ownership.

Lastly, RWA tokens offer transparency on the blockchain, making them easy to trade, store, and transfer without relying on brokers or middlemen who charge fees.

How are you approaching regulation? Will your Real-World Assets be considered securities? Will your platform require KYC?

Your question is very apt. We will approach regulation in a full and transparent manner, working closely with the GFSC in Gibraltar. Our first goal is to obtain a VASP status and thereafter will seek relevant licensing for a full Retail platform offering.

As the RWA-backed tokens are securities, we will need to run KYC on transactions and identify users, which we will do using DID (Digital Identity) technology. The DID-based KYC is a technology based on the principles of Self-Sovereign Identity, making it as fast, secure and non-invasive as possible for our users.

There are massive amounts of development happening in the Digital Identity field which will make the KYC processes in the future much more seamless, as for example with reusable KYC, meaning several platforms can share the same KYC without actually sharing the details.

In order to use the platform you will have to do KYC but, once you have successfully gone through KYC and have made a purchase, the tokens are fully yours in your custody, sitting in your wallet and how you transact with them then is up to you.

How does the ISPO for earning the TVVIX token work? Speaking of which, what role does the token play in the ecosystem?

My co-founders and I played a pivotal role in revolutionising the fundraising space as part of a team that created the world’s first ISPO in 2021. Now, we are bringing our expertise to TVVIN’s ISPO.

TVVIN’s ISPO presents an opportunity to acquire TVVIN’s native $TVVIX tokens while supporting the platform.

To participate in the ISPO, you need to follow these steps:

  • Purchase or utilise your ADA
  • Delegate your ADA to the TVVIN ISPO
  • Choose between two TVVIN pools: TVV1N (100% $TVVIX) or TVV2N (50% $TVVIX & 50% ADA)

As an ISPO participant, you can additionally qualify for various bonus tiers that increase your $TVVIX rewards based on the duration of delegation. Those who join before the launch on the 9th of June and remain delegated for the full ISPO period, will receive a substantial 40% bonus on their base $TVVIX rewards and gain access to a special Cosmic Supernova NFT. Other bonus tiers and incentives will be announced soon so keep an eye out for this on our social media.

The TVVIX token plays three distinct roles within the ecosystem:

  1. Governance: TVVIX token holders have decision-making power, proposing and voting on changes to the TVVIN platform, funding community projects, and supporting further RWA-backed tokenisations.
  2. Staking: By staking TVVIX tokens, investors contribute to network growth and earn rewards, proportional to their stake.
  3. Transactions: TVVIX tokens are used for certain transactions within the TVVIN ecosystem, providing access to vaults where holders can deposit and earn yield in connection to the RWA tokens locked up.

By participating in the TVVIN ISPO and acquiring $TVVIX, you become part of the governance and growth of the TVVIN platform.

Amazing. Any closing thoughts? Where can people learn more about TVVIN?

Thank you and I really appreciate you covering TVVIN.

Just wanted to say that it has been amazing to see the enormous community support and enthusiasm for TVVIN in just the short space of time since we launched. So a big thanks also to all that have followed us on Twitter and connected with us in Discord and Telegram as well as the early delegators that have already shown their belief in the concept and team by delegating their ADA into our open pools. At the time of writing we have already exceeded 1 million ADA in pre-ISPO-start delegation after just 24-hours!

We are now powering ahead with the energy that a growing community provides, which is amazing! We’re so much looking forward to bringing our much needed platform and tokens to Cardano!

For more information on TVVIN visit our website, where you can also find a Docs section which has all the details on the ISPO, the Litepaper and an innovative and entertaining version of the Litepaper called The Metapaper.

We are publishing our Whitepaper also very soon.

We would also love for anyone who wants to be involved to join us on your favourite social networks where you can keep up-to-date with our news, learn more about RWAs and connect with the whole team.

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