Introduction of the first Cardano-themed jewelry, NFT minted on Cardano

Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce the first physical Cardano-themed limited jewelry series. The series consists of 25 unique pieces, each piece has its own unique name and NFT, minted on Cardano. The pieces can be worn as either brooch or necklace and were made with 925 silver, coated with a thick layer of yellow or white 18k gold plating.

Tell us what you think! Please also have a look at my website or Twitter for more information.

Yifu Pedersen

Hey @YifuPedersen its nice to have you here. So for me the idea is very interesting.

Does you have some pictures of the jewelry? Or even better does you have an own website for it?

So by the way i dont know: Is the introductions thread the right one or is the general thread better for it? In the introduction thread i only read posts where people introduce themselves.

Other question are you talk about the same one like this?

If yes it would be better if you only have one post.

Hi @Jonny22

Thank you for your comments, you were right, important information was missing which are included now. More information can be found on or on Twitter.

I hope that everything is clear and if there are more questions, I am happy to answer.