Cardano-themed jewelry using the logo?

I am planning to make some silver and gold jewelry with Cardano theme, and surely I want the production to be compliant with the trademark.

When reading, I got the impression that making physical commercial products using the logo should require a written permission. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

Is this the correct way to approach it, writting an email to the Foundation and asking for permission? Has anyone created Cardano-merch using the logo, what is the process for permission? Thanks!

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Great idea @CHINAPOOL . Hope Cardano Foundation or IOHK team will contact you soon regarding the legality or permission for that. It would be nice if more Cardano related merchandise are available out there.

Thank you Andreas. IIRC there is offical Cardano merch, but only limited to apparel/clothing?

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I think if there is cardano merch for apparel/clothing, then there should be for gold jewelry too. Try and confirm first.