Selling Apparel or Other Items That Have The Cardano Logo

What are the steps to obtain a license for selling apparel or other items that contain the Cardano logo?

I see several of these items being sold online, but the Trademark Policy of the Cardano Foundation states that using the Cardano logo is in the “not permitted” category?

Here is an example of the merchandise that I am talking about:

Hey @AdamF1

i’ve read the Trade-Mark policy and found that:

“Not permitted: Selling T-shirts with the Cardano logo to raise money for another cause
This is from: Trademark Policy

Now i think, the point is: for another cause.
If someone think about to sell something everyone can ask them via e-mail. Then they check that purpose and they give an approval or don’t give it. I also wrote with them because i also would like to sell some merch ^^
If you are unsure about that they are allowed to do this, you can also write them an e-mail if you want to.

I hope that this could help you.

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