?Can I use the Cardano Logo in NFTs

Hi Everyone,

I’m an artist who started animating the Cardano logo in a gif to help the branding, and I sold an NFT with it. I want to sell more, but I was told by someone in the community (amazing community BTW), that I should reach out to the Foundation for permission.

I went to the Cardano site to ask and they sent me here. How do I reach out to the people in charge of the trademark/copyrights of the logo?

Thank you in advance. I love Cardano and want to help get out the brand. Having permission to sell NFTs with the logo in it will greatly help me generate some money while I dedicate to it.

Hey @utibay its nice to have you here and its great to hear that you already made some cool things with cardano!

For the legal part:

So actual you can finde the best answer here:
Trademark Policy from the CardanoFoundation
There you can find every situation where you are allowed to use the cardano logo or where it is even forbidden.

If your situation isn’t described there or the policy say that you need to reach out the legal team you are free to write an e-mail to them:
If you reach them out, it would be great if you provide them some specimen of you NFTs or gifs and describe what you want to do with it. When you already sold an NFT with the cardano logo i think it would be great if you reach them out anyway.

To the other part:
If you have made something cool, you are free to share it in this community. We like to see new cool things :sunglasses:

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Thank you so much Jonny!

I did read the Trademark Policy, and I don’t show the logo in any offensive form. I just wanted to get the okay from them, to do everything right. I started with a basic animation, have made it in several colors and want to do generations of the animation being more creative each time :slight_smile:



I like the third one, it have something special on it. So when the logo spins, somehow I thought about iota, it looks very similar :smile:

So sure we are here to help, and yes it is the best way to get their OK to that, because you sold it as an NFT right? That is one fact where you need the ok from them if I remember it right. So they are just an email away :wink:

Awesome, glad you like it! I did sell and give out a small handful of NFTs. I reached out to the legal email address you provided. I hope they say yes!