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Hey all,

I have some cool ideas for some Cardano Merch and was looking for permission to use the logo in my design and if at all possible, information on the fonts used so I can make my design as authentic as possible.

This is just a small fun project I want to do for the community but would be open to partnering with Cardano or anyone here who has the ability to scale. I of course think the designs will be a hit.

anyways, thanks in advance!


YES! @CountinCrypto I was wondering the same thing.

@tom.kelly Could Cardano Foundation add a Creative Commons license for the logo?

Also, a brand identity guideline would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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I want some merch!

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I found out there’s official merch!

Thanks for the link.

Wish I could get an official response about logo permissions.


I tried ordering some stuff but I get a error message.

I reached out to Cardano via email and this is the response that I received:

“Thanks very much for your message - we are not giving any permissions right now.”

In my opinion, putting restrictions on the use of logo and creations of designs to promote Cardano is counterproductive. Cardano has more to gain than to lose by allowing its passionate members to create merchandise and spread the word about the platform. Centralizing creative licenses is not in line with visions of a decentralized and open source platform in my opinion.



Point taken, we are looking into this! :slight_smile:


This is a little disappointing, really hoping they will reconsider later on.

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Maybe the issue is that Cardano (the project) and the Cardano Foundation share the same logo.

I agree that Cardano should have a public domain logo.

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Likewise, for those thinking of producing merch, is the actual name Cardano a TM?

Those producing merch should be wary of this. Ethereum have had some cases where they forced people to relinquish domain names etc which included the ETH, ethereum and ether trademarked words and likewise the logos. If Cardano is/is to become a for profit entity then it’s doubtful they will appreciate you using their material.

Which I half agree with because like any brand, once you start using their marketing material they have no control over the quality of item etc. you are putting out which may reflect poorly on them. However I also see the use cases above which may benefit the project.

I am watching this thread! :eyes:


Any update on this? I’m also a domain investor and I’ve seen people registering crypto related domain names, wondered what the stance was on this for Cardano. Cheers.

I appreciate the Cardano team looking into this question from the community - and it really does show a lot about this project and the team behind! Thank you!

There was the concern of control over brand quality - I don’t see this applied to merchandise. For example, when I search for “Bitcoin shirt” on Amazon, I don’t connect the brand quality of Bitcoin to the merchandise purchased on Amazon regarding Bitcoin. I’m fully aware that the quality of a merchandise does not reflect the brand.

Since Cardano is a decentralized platform powered by the community, I see the permission to use the Cardano logo and provide merchandise for the Cardano brand a great asset to Cardano. It will only help raise awareness and build a stronger community.


Honestly, we should just come up with our own logo for the community of Cardano. So we can use it without asking. It’s so young, there’s no reason we can’t. It wouldn’t be a logo for Cardano, but a logo for supporters of Cardano. Just a thought.

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I’m also interested in an official stance in this. Don’t want any copyright issues for using the logo for community related stuff.

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If the official Cardano Merch team is looking for ideas, you can steal this one:
It’s a quote from the prime minister of South Korea about crypto speculation.
I thought it would work great for a t-shirt.

“This can lead to serious distortion or social pathological phenomena, if left unaddressed”

Hey Tom!

How are ya? You guys still looking into it? Cause if you are then you should be looking into how to become more agile because this type of thing in general could really inhibit the power of the community.
It’s totally understandable that difficulties arise in facing the enthusiastic, inspiration crazed mob that is rallying to Cardano’s Cause (Charles is such a humbly charismatic fellow), but if you fail to use our help then you are disarming Cardano of its most profound & powerful advantage, and of its ideological core

You gotta let us use that logo EVERYWHERE & ASAP - there’s just really no other option.

Thank you SOooo much for your work, it’s so important!!

PS - And besides this is a regulatory strategic issue - we are everywhere, so who the hell do we comply with anyway?


@tom.kelly it would be great to get an update on this. Thank you.


All the blockchain projects will face this issue of trademark and copyright. Bitcoin does not because it came out of the wild.

I think the sensible thing to do is to put it under a Creative Commons International 4.0 License, Free for Non-Commercial, and with possible commercial licensing for a modest fee, so that there is a degree of influence and control over the fate of the brand. That licensing fee should go to charity, because why would a massive blockchain project want to collect profits on such a thing., a blockchain IP licensing approach, might be a good solution.


Hi Tom, any updates on this
I have a draft of a coin I am minting and would like to know what is OK to use?
Is the Name ADA ok to use? Is the name Cardano ok? What about the letter A?
Please have a look at the Kickstarter project draft page ( its not live yet )

We are taking suggestions on the dedicated Reddit page at the moment

The community is moving towards using Ada Lovelace’s for one side of the silver coin


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