Is it possible to do Stacaking with Deadalus?

Hi, I’m new at this PoS thing, I want to do some cardboard stacking, but I read that it’s only in the testnet, is it possible to do stacking in the testnet and then you’ll get the corresponding coins?

I would also like to ask if it is possible to do stacking with Daedalus?

You can’t stake on the testnet unless you were holding ADA in a wallet on 29 Nov 19.

Do you know if in the near future it will be possible for everyone, the stacking

Depends what you mean by “near future”. What you want is mainnet staking. It’s expected within the next few months.

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When the Shelley mainnet goes live, will Daedalus wallet be one way to stake for ADA holders? I really like the interface, so I hope to be able choose staking pools and stake with it. Is there currently any documentation for staking with Daedalus, even if it is for the testnet?

Short answer: yes, and is a good place to start. The ITN Daedalus interface is pretty self-explanatory though. A quick forum search will also yield a ton of info on the practical details of staking (I don’t mean to be the “GIYF Guy”, but really – there’s a lot and it’s best to just do searches on specific questions, otherwise I’ll be pasting links for hours :slight_smile: )

Quick advice: If you already had ADA in a wallet during the 29/11/2019 snapshot and want to give staking on the incentivized testnet a go: choose the Yoroi wallet. The ITN network is currently so congested Daedalus can barely sync – mine hasn’t been able to sync one block in the past four days… Yoroi is far less affected by this, and its staking dashboard is a bit more comprehensive than Daedalus’ to boot.

Useful general links:

P.S. also, welcome!

Thanks for the helpful information and the tip about Daedalus vs Yoroi wallet. I like to try all the different tools out. Trying to get the word on the street for what people are using / what will work good. I have been googling some, started analyzing staking pools and the metrics there, learning how the blocks are generated and rewards doled out. It is a very interesting staking system.

I found In other systems everyone get’s generally the same percentage rewards for staking but in Cardano it seems there’s more pools, more competition and opportunities to get more or less rewards, and more incentive to learn about staking pools and pick the best ones. Maybe need to pay attention and switch pools as their saturation point gets reached.

I hadn’t had any before the snap shot date, I didn’t hear about the testnet staking before it happened, but once I saw that Cardano was launching its planned road map features, I figured I better get in while the getting was good and start learning.