Is it possible to mint multiple NFTs under the same policyId?

Hi, I’m working on an NFT project and there are two things I want to understand.

  1. Is it possible to mint multiple NFTs under the same policyId with the same .skey, .vkey?
  2. Can someone else create NFT with the same policyId?
  3. Is only someone who holds policy.vkey and .skey can create NFTs under a specific policyID
  1. Yes, this is done frequently.
  2. It depends upon the minting script. The most common minting scripts restrict minting to the holder of a specific, single signing key. If a script doesn’t require a signing key to witness minting, then someone else might be able to mint NFTs with the same policy ID or even with the same asset ID. (It all depends on the minting script.)
  3. As in item 2 above, it all depends on the minting script.
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That is great! Thank you for the answer!

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I’m also investigating the same questions as OP, and appreciate your reply it clears up some of this for me, however where might I find an example script or more detailed info about minting script for NFTs wherein it has the restrictions placed so I can mint multiples within a more flexible beforeblock timeframe, without worry someone else may mint using mine etc.?

Here is an example where both (1) a particular key must sign the minting transaction and (2) the transaction must occur before a particular slot:

  "type" : "all",
  "scripts" : [
      "type" : "sig",
      "keyHash" : "b395c1a9464d419c69d05c148a19d44130c249abfb990c6a3fcd0b07"
      "type" : "before",
      "slot" : 25251428

You can mint as many tokens of any asset name and quantity that you want before the deadline (either in one transaction or multiple transactions), as long as you sign with that key. No one else can ever mint tokens under this policy (because they don’t have the key) and even you cannot mint any more after the deadline. Is this what you want? If you just mint one of each asset name, then after the deadline they would be considered NFTs; if you mint more than on of an asset name, then it would be considered a fungible native token.

I’m sure the Cardano website has instructions, but I lost track of them after that website was reorganized. Maybe someone can post the latest link?

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Yup, this is precisely what I was looking for and to clarify, thank you so much!

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I might be a little late to the party but I hope there is still someone to answer me :).

Let’s say you want to sell a collection of NFT’s and you have not sold all the NFT’s in the collection before the deadline. Can you re-use the policyID? Or how are you supposed to handle this?

No, once the locking time passes you cannot mint or burn for that policy id. You can either plan such that the lock happens “late enough” or preplan to expect possibly having more than 1 policy id and segment things off ahead of time.

Also note that you could theoretically put the locking date very far in the future, but this means you would have the power to burn those nfts, so it’s not as appealing to a wise investor.

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