Is there a chance that Staking-pools will create more inflation?

In my understanding the total amount of Cardano ( ada ) available at Launch was 31,112,484,646 ADA. Which is a very large amount compare to other crypto currencies and does play a role on it’s high inflation and low price.
Now my question is below :
Is there a chance that Staking-pools will create more inflation and cause more damage on it’s value/price ?


The price at the moment is purely speculative based largely on the the value of BTC.

A currency only really has value when you can exchange it for something tangible (i.e. goods or services). Once there are more goods and services that can be exchanged for ADA, then the value of ADA will be driven by supply and demand, rather than speculation.

As stake pools are providing a service then they would be “valued” into the larger system.

So, short term I would expect the additional supply of ADA to impact its price at the exchange, but long term (once ADA has actual value) I wouldn’t expect it to have much of an impact.

I think the pressure of new people coming to Cardano due to staking rewards will have greater effect then the inflation.

Total limit of ADA is 45,000,000,000, so the difference between that and 31,112,484,646 ADA in circulation now is what could be possibly distributed as rewards for stake pool operators causing inflation. Once this is depleted or used for something else stake pool operators will have to depend on the transaction fees only.

For more details see Monetary Policy

By design the staking rewards are intended to only catapult the protocol into an operating decentralized system, the adopters have embraced the design and expect to drain the sum locked up for staking and transition into a transaction based reward system slowly over time, if this appears to look like inflation to anyone I think they would need to show why, generally inflation practices are used when there is a never-ending supply of the currency being inflated - all user’s on this protocol can see that there are a limited amount of ada available, there are no more to print and the protocol will rely on transactions in the future to operate, this is a new approach to launching a monetary system and hopefully the ada supply is high enough to make it work. (fingers crossed)