Is there a way to have a Read-Only view of my total wallet balance and transactions?

In some other blockchains it is possible to look up your wallet’s (public?) key in a block explorer and bookmark the site to view your total balance and all transactions from a website. An example of a blockchain like this is Ardor. Another is Steem.

Does Cardano support something like this?

Have you checked the official cardano explorer:

the public address can be used to fetch related data, and also provide direct link to that address.

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Thank you :smiley:

How do I find my public address? I am using the full Daedalus Wallet.

try one of the receiving address

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Ok I see how this works. You can only check the balance on each address you have used. Not a total balance for the wallet (with all used addresses combined). Thanks again!

I think there should be an address which shows all the transactions and current balance…
right now what I can think of is using a command line tool from Cardano project - cardano-addresses

with that you can generate the payment address from recovery phrase.
using this type of address I could get all the transactions and balance for my wallet via the explorer…

but hope some else have better idea how to get an address for your needs

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If you are staking the wallet, in cardanoscan click on “Controlled Stake Key” from the page showing one of the addresses in the wallet. That will show all of the addresses associated with the stake key and the total balance.

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Thank you all.

Is it possible to view the Controlled Stake Key in this block explorer? →

I don’t think that the Cardano Explorer lets one browse stake keys, but I imagine that a future upgrade of it will. These do:,,, and Another option would be to construct a query at one of the Dandelion - Cardano APIs as community Service endpoints. You could also install db-sync and run SQL queries in that.

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Also take a look at this discussion, specially my comment and Jun_Sun’s reply.