Is there any minimum ROI to responsible SPO's?

Hello, and thank you.

I am in the final steps of setting up my SPO and look forward to using my IT background as a contributor to Cardano’s mission.

Looking for a very direct answer on this: if I maintain my stake pool with high capacity and availability for work, is it possible I may never get work offered to my node even if I stake 100% of my ADA investment to demonstrate my stake in my SPO outcome?

If yes, can you point me to the latest discussions guiding next decisions on how to decentralize a network if not letting distributed systems participate randomly but predictably if good citizens that are heavily staked in ADA?

APPENDED: I believe I found the answer indirectly in the Dynamic Strategies Cardano Rewards Calculator. Any feedback on the accuracy of that?

Thank you!

Rough numbers are per 14000Ada you can expect 1 block per year.

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Here is a post that looks into operator profitability vs. just staking

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So if I staked 100k ADA in a private pool, I’d receive ~7.142857142857143 blocks? How much ADA is rewarded per block?

It’s currently ~16m for 21600 blocks i.e. ~740 ADA


So, you would get …

7 x 740 => 5180 ADA p.a. 

From this you subtract your pool running cost (also your time) and then you compare it with staking those 100k for example in non-profit pool like this.

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Thanks. Being a small SPO, even if highly professional and available, seems pretty hopeless. What is the point of paying to keep a system running 24x7 if it never is offered work? Seems this is inevitably going to be a network managed centrally by the elites. Ah well. Much improvement needed to allow true decentralization. Thx for the reality check.

Optimal decentralization is not necessarily achieved when the number of nodes approaches infinity. You could have a look at this, it explores scenarios with k => 1000, 10000, 100000

Adjustments to incentive mechanism are coming.

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Thank you. My instinct is to build my node out and have faith in the community collaborating and voting to reconcile the gaps such as nodes burning resources 24x7 and never producing work, etc. Thank you!