Issue updating Cabal: "Unexpected response 400"

Hello, I am building a Haskell Node following the instructions of the Poapool website, which basically consists of running Ubuntu inside Virtual Box on a host (Macbook in my case). I previously tried installing Ubuntu on a VM on a Synology NAS (much more CPU and RAM) without success.

So I am running into an issue when updating Cabal in Virtual Box, and getting over and over the same “unexpected response 400” (See below)
Does anyone know if I can continue building and if it is a minor issue, or if I should solve it first?
Perhaps @alessandro knows how to get out of this one?

Never had this problem, what cabal version do you use?

Thank you for your reply @alessandro ! I installed the latest one,…I don’t know what to do at this point. Is it safe to carry on with the build ?
EDIT: I submitted an issue on the haskell /hackage server Github and will report back here when it is updated

I’m using cabal 3.0. Maybe before you proceed the building process, try to reinstall cabal. Either use 3.2 again or 3.0, like me. I had no issues so far at all.

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