Keep an eye on your logs - 24/7, and help us refine our service

Dear fellow SPOs, as some of you have found out, we introduced a new service recently that will help you keep an eye on the logs that Cardano Node emits. This service is free, and when you sign up, it only asks for an email address. It is called Coda Error Analysis, or CodaEA, and is currently available in TEST mode at We are looking for some more people to have it scan their logs. Source code for the client utility is available on our Github repo.

There are 3 major things that CodaEA does that we believe will be valuable to all SPOs, and anyone who runs server software:

  1. Monitors and dashboards errors in the logs; identifies which errors are important, and emails you right away if there is something wrong
  2. Enables a better way of researching solutions to issues
  3. Enables better sharing of solutions to issues

Certainly if you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to post here, or contact me privately if you wish at

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