KEVM testnet does not work


It doesn’t work. Create 2 accounts, then try to sendTransaction an amount of ADA from one to another, it will return a transaction hash, but it won’t actually do it. Neither will the block explorer find the transaction hash that was just returned.


Yes. People in the dev. chat seem to have reached a consensus that the only way to actually use the testnet is thru the web3, which may be connected directly to this address: :frowning_face:

Join the discussion here:


Tho, some people reporting now that it was working a while back:

(it’s a problem of the testnet. Smart contracts and transfets stopped working a little over a day ago)

So user transactioning seem to be down atm on the testnet. IOHK is informed and we are waiting for any new info. I will add comment to this thread once there are any news.


Sorry for the very basic question, but is mantis showing your blockchain in ~/.mantis/leveldb as synchronized and connected to 2 or more peers?

Edit: nevermind. I was using a local db which was incorrect.


Can you post here how your sendTransaction looks like? I can try to help you