KEVM testnet does not work

It doesn’t work. Create 2 accounts, then try to sendTransaction an amount of ADA from one to another, it will return a transaction hash, but it won’t actually do it. Neither will the block explorer find the transaction hash that was just returned.

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Yes. People in the dev. chat seem to have reached a consensus that the only way to actually use the testnet is thru the web3, which may be connected directly to this address: :frowning_face:

Join the discussion here:


Tho, some people reporting now that it was working a while back:

(it’s a problem of the testnet. Smart contracts and transfets stopped working a little over a day ago)

So user transactioning seem to be down atm on the testnet. IOHK is informed and we are waiting for any new info. I will add comment to this thread once there are any news.


Sorry for the very basic question, but is mantis showing your blockchain in ~/.mantis/leveldb as synchronized and connected to 2 or more peers?

Edit: nevermind. I was using a local db which was incorrect.

Can you post here how your sendTransaction looks like? I can try to help you