Learn how you can earn extra ADA by renting out your NFTs

Some NFTs have extra utility, unlocking PRO features on various platforms.

Renting these out to other users allows them to gain access to these PRO features for a fee temporarily.

why would someone want to rent an NFT though

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There are a few use cases where you may want to borrow an NFT just to gain access to something for a while. Here are some examples

Xerberus NFT
This NFT unlocked the token reports from the audits. NFT costs 2000 ADA. You could rent one for a day to do your research and return it without forking out the thousands of ADA.

TapTools Pro features allow you to unlock all sorts of Pro features on their platform. The current floor price is 1000 ADA, but you can rent one for 1 ADA per day. Rent, do your research and return it.

You need a legendary and mythical rarity of the various NFTs to access the game. Floor varies from 150 ADA. You can rent one for 7 ADA and try the game before dedicating the funds and purchasing an NFT.

thanks, makes sense. Or maybe I can rent a claynation for a day for the bragging rights on X