Ledger announcement tomorrow


Ledger tweeted overnight about a big announcement within 24 hours. The tweet has a distinct Italian theme, as in Cardano? You decide


Cardano code is not ready yet for Ledger support.

And the Cardano item on Ledger’s roadmap is in “external development” exactly because of it, afaik: https://trello.com/c/rEK3saDK/71-cardano-support

UPD: Also they’re directly answering questions in their twitter thread :slight_smile:



:grinning: I like your thinking Randalert… dinner table and pizza (Italian) time and some ‘hot’ news = Cardano!! That’s great, made me laugh, let’s see what happens tomorrow


What would you put on s Cardano pizza? It would at least start with meatballs (for the Daedalus bull)