LIVE Stream from MIAMI. Looking for your help here Guys. Building reporters team


I will open my YT channel to anyone that is at MIAMI summit and want to stream LIVE from their phone.

Via Google Hangouts, I will stream the video that you will provide from the summit.
IMAGINE GUYS. On 1 single channel we could have different videos feeds from different spots on different topics from a single place, the summit.

It could look like the “SUMMIT TV” or so…
But for that I need participants that have Google Hangouts and ready to make awesome content.

Counting on you guys!!!


For ADApters that are at the summit and want to broadcast via Google Hangouts, you can use this link to connect to the LIVE stream that I will manage.

The LIVE stream will start on April 17th at 9 AM (Miami time)

Hope to see you all on Google Hangouts …