May 16, 2024 | Voltaire era: Parameter committee intermediate state

Agenda and Updates:


  • Welcome to Matt Davis and Alex Kingdon

  • Governance parameter recommendations

  • Additional Guardrail for hard fork

  • Initial MinFeeRefScriptCostPerByte setting


  • The Committee welcomed Matt Davis and Alex Kingdon from Intersect as Observers for the meeting

  • The Committee reviewed the proposed initial settings for the Governance parameters. dvt_p_p_gov_group - confirmed at 75% gov_action_deposit - recommended 100,000 ada committee_max_term_length - recommended 146 epochs (approx. 2 years) committee_min_size - confirmed at 7 All other recommendations from the Governance advisory group were accepted. These recommendations will be applied on SanchoNet following the next respin and will be incorporated into the Conway genesis file.

  • Based on the discussion from April 25, a new guardrail has been proposed that at least 85% of pools should upgrade before the hard fork The committee recommended that minFeeRefScriptCoinsPerByte be initially set to 40 in the Conway genesis file. This setting will be reviewed in the light of experience.

  • The Committee will review the Plutus cost model settings and PCP003 at its next meeting

Does that mean that 85% of the pools which are “active” needs to upgrade or 85% of the delegated stake has to upgrade?

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Hi Zyroxa

That is by stake. Will update


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By delegated stake. Will update

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The spam filter kicked in based on sock puppet suspicion because you posted with two different accounts from the same IP address.

I restored one post but deleted the other two because they didn’t give much additional info.

Thanks. I hadn’t realised I had two different accounts - different browsers chose different ones!