Meet the Team - Some familiar faces for the Cardano crowd!

Meet the Occam. fi Team - Some familiar faces for the Cardano crowd!

Hey Cardano community, we hope this post is allowed. We really want to share our all-star team with you, in case you missed it. There’s sure to be some familiar faces here, make sure you scroll to the bottom!

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When we started teasing the impending launch of the Occam. fi ecosystem a little over a week ago, we had no idea that we would have such a tremendous response from the community. We have already welcomed well over 5,000 followers to our Twitter and Telegram channels, and we are busy reading your feedback and suggestions.

But, who are we? This has been one of the most frequently asked questions over the last week. Well, you asked and we answered. Here, we’re proud to reveal the Occam Association’s core team. We think you will agree, we have some special faces and talent, some of whom you may recognise from the pre-existing Cardano community. This group of passionate enthusiasts for blockchain technology have created and crafted the vision for the Occam. fi ecosystem, and we are excited to see where you, the community, take it next.

Keep an eye on the Occam. fi website as we move forward for new team members — we are always looking to expand our talent.

Occam Association Team

The Occam Association is a non-profit organisation, designed to support the development of state-of-the-art decentralized applications on the Cardano blockchain. The Occam Association also aims to extend the frontiers of innovation in the digital assets space to unprecedented levels. Based in Crypto Valley, Zug, the Occam Association is the driving force behind the Occam .fi ecosystem.

Mark Berger

President of the Occam Association

Mark Berger is a Crypto-valley veteran. Founder and CEO of Scalable Solutions, Mark’s vision is to get blockchain technology ready for institutional adoption. Mark has held advisory functions in leading blockchain startups and financial services.

Paul Rieger

Association Member

Paul is a Board Member at RIAT, an institute for research and development in the fields of crypto economics, blockchain, artistic technology and open hardware. As a Board Member of the HIT Foundation and Centiva Health, Paul has a deep footprint in building healthcare-dedicated blockchain infrastructure and keeping sensitive data compliant and secure. Paul is also co-founder of Hyfe, the world’s most advanced cough classifier powered by neural networks and AI.

Occam. fi’s Advisory Panel

Our Advisors bring their deep experience of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry to the Occam Association and the Occam. fi ecosystem. We have selected advisors who can deliver the greatest value to our target users — in the Cardano ecosystem and beyond.

Danish Chaudhry

Institutional Relations & Strategy Advisor

Danish is CEO of the recently launched Bitcoin (dot) com Exchange, overseeing operations, growth and strategy of the platform, with a background in financial services at Blackrock.

Yosef Shaftal

Strategic Advisor

Yosef Shaftal is Executive Director of the Israeli Blockchain Association, helping businesses of all types and sizes understand, implement and take advantage of DLT.

Alex Nascimento

Academia Relations Advisor

Alex is a best-selling author and lecturer at the Blockchain faculty of UCLA, where he lectures on Blockchain Business Applications and Security Tokens. In addition to his advisory role to Occam .fi, Alex is Managing Director of 7CC — Blockchain Investments, a company focused on supporting & fostering the Blockchain industry.

Bakyt Azimkanov

Strategic Communications and PR Advisor

He provides strategic PR and communications advisory to Occam .fi, drawing on his deep experience with the Cardano Foundation since its early inception and his time at EY, a Big Four professional services firm (Strategy and Transactions service line). An award-winning communications professional and a former journalist, Bakyt will increase share of voice across multiple target channels, steer external communications strategies, and raise the profile of Occam .fi and its components among the blockchain community and beyond. Bakyt also advises and consults other emerging technology companies.

Dr. Lars Jochen Krause

Financial Technology Advisor

Lars Jochen Krause, PhD, is an entrepreneur and technology professional in quant finance, asset management, machine learning, and distributed ledger technology. He is founder of Valdon, a Swiss-German FinTech boutique, transforming cutting edge knowhow and research into solutions and software services for international clients and partners.

Tiago Serôdio

Community Growth and Engagement Advisor

Tiago is a veteran community growth hacker and management professional. He has previously held roles as Community Projects Manager and Head of the Ambassador Program at the Cardano Foundation, and a Project Manager for DASH. Tiago is a Community Director for HUMAN Protocol. Tiago designs and executes Occam .fi’s Ambassador outreach programs. He also consults up-and-coming other community-building projects.

Chris Graffagnino

Cardano Focused Community Advisor

Chris is an experienced Cardano community member and stake pool operator, who has deep connections within the Cardano ecosystem. A freelance software engineer by trade, Chris deliver his experience working with Python, Django, Postgres, and components of the Cardano blockchain to the Occam ecosystem.

Growing Our Team

Naturally, we also have a core team of dedicated developers, based in the Serbian capital of Belgrade, who have built out the Occam .fi components and platform. We will be releasing more information about our technical team Winners of National competitions in mathematics and programming, active members of ACM ICPC community with medals in International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) and International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), as well as our other team members working busily in the background, in the coming months.

As the Occam .fi platform grows, our talent profile and team members will grow. We will post new career opportunities on our website as soon as they become available, so please check our ‘Careers’ section if you are interested in learning more.

From everyone at, we give you a warm welcome to our ecosystem!