Metadata, Attribution, Compliance case

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I wonder what will happend theoretically when will win some ADA by playing online poker. Online poker is prohibited in country X but too skip this problem I may use VPN and connect to country Y (in country Y online poker is legal). I won a lot of ADA now and I want to invest it in to small bakery. Suddenly I realize that is not enough to open to bakery and I am going to bank in X country. I want to use my ADA for loan collateral.

My Qestions:

Who will by able to check my metadata and what kind of them ?
Is it possible that they will by only available on request ?
Is in future will be other terms of use wallet in differen countries (in one country this case will be money laundering and in other not!) ?
As a user can I separate ADA from Online poker game to the other because I wannt to use it leagal in country X and other part use legal in country Y.

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