Hello Is it possible to mine cardano?

I read here some old post is not possible cause Cardano is POF, but I finr recently some video where some guy explained how is it possible

I found this video, is this some scam?

Nope, cardano it’s PoS not PoW;
U can earn ADA by delegating your funds to a pool



I have some Cardanos on Binance on staking for now,m where is best to earn some Cardano?

There are over 2600 pools, u can check them on or

The rewards for a long term (1 year) is around 5%


Do you need information about how staking works?

WELCOME @rabbit ! :smiley:

Watched video and he does mention “you aren’t actually mining it.”

Not sure if legit - very suspect. It is misleading. :thinking:

I am not sure how Unmineable works.