Mint policy to check that minted tokens are sent to script address

I know how to write a basic minting policy in plutus that check that only a certain pub key hash can mint tokens.

In my case I have vault script and I want to enforce in my minting policy that the minted tokens are transferred to the vault address and not the the address that minted them.

Is this possible?

Figured it out, it is as simple as sending the value to the the script address,

The off-chain code will look something along the lines:

                let val = Value.singleton curSymbol (mintParamsTokenName mp) (mintParamsAmount mp)
                    lookups = Constraints.mintingPolicy policy
                    tx = Constraints.mustMintValue val <>
                         Constraints.mustPayToOtherScript (validatorHash validator) (Datum $ PlutusTx.toBuiltinData ()) val