Missing Script Witnesses UTXOW

Hello all,

I just made some tokens and wanted to send some to a friend of mine. However, when I attempt to submit the transaction I get the following message:

Shelley command failed: transaction submit Error: Error while submitting tx: ApplyTxError [LedgerFailure (UtxowFailure (MissingScriptWitnessesUTXOW (fromList [])))]

What am I doing wrong? This is the transaction that I made:

cardano-cli transaction build-raw \
--mary-era \
--fee 178833 \
--tx-in bb6cc5c0759697a29743e7c07d6210e2ef88d25bba372ba35332b1bc65943cbd#0 \
--tx-out addr1q8k2d68ljr7ayv550vznqmffd5eyhj5hp52jucpekuahxhxtuklnjl3uqgwqtj927r5wtyv602x9030ejqxh6l8u2u3sddm6sp+2641586+"1000000 49cbbb48ab845b32be96b91cd96985468bd155b5d34cae4233c70b9f.Gulden" \
--out-file matx.raw

Help is much appreciated!

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What arguments did you use in cardano-cli transaction sign? It looks like --script-file might have been included when it shouldn’t have been.


These are the arguments I used in the transaction:

cardano-cli transaction sign \
--signing-key-file payment.skey \
--signing-key-file policy.skey \
--script-file policy.script \
--mainnet \
--tx-body-file matx.raw \
--out-file matx.signed

I did use script-file. Will removing it be enough to fix the transaction or should I change other arguments as well?


Actually, you’ll need to remove both policy.script and policy.skey, which are only needed when minting or burning. You only need the payment signing key for the --tx-in. Evidently, the ledger rejects transactions that have superfluous witnesses.


That makes sense. I understand it now. I just changed all the arguments and now it seems to work just fine :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hi all!

I am getting a similar error after sumit a transaction with cardano-cli:
[("tx",Object (fromList [("txid",String "txid: TxId {_unTxId = \"c25b72bec788c4689619197a37db2b2f8333ef83a6167bae6d5b6a113e33b20c\"}")])),("kind",String "TraceMempoolRejectedTx"),("mempoolSize",Object (fromList [("numTxs",Number 0.0),("bytes",Number 0.0)])),("err",Object (fromList [("kind",String "MissingScriptWitnessesUTXOW"),("missingScripts",Array [String "8c506607930699cd719dde56a6474928e8b0939ab2414935e9872755"])]))]

I am minting so these have been my steps:

  1. Build de transaction:

cardano-cli transaction build-raw \
–mary-era \
–fee 180461 \
–tx-in b1c823460e10a9e8cf8f3e37a68a3ba369959377a644480ccd585a7742f5777f#0 \
–tx-out addr_test1vzne8r32tzcmg84x5rspglkmhdyvdp8z4cqkqhsdswppkcsdnrnqc+9819539+“10000000 8c506607930699cd719dde56a6474928e8b0939ab2414935e9872755.melcoin” \
–mint=“10000000 8c506607930699cd719dde56a6474928e8b0939ab2414935e9872755.melcoin” \
–out-file matx.raw

  1. Sign de transaction:

cardano-cli transaction sign \
–signing-key-file pay.skey \
–signing-key-file policy/policy.skey \
–script-file policy/policy.script \
–testnet-magic 1097911063 \
–tx-body-file matx.raw \
–out-file matx.signed

  1. Submit de transaction:

cardano-cli transaction submit \
–tx-file matx.signed \
–testnet-magic 1097911063

After submit I get the error above but I can’t see what I am doing wrong.

In the case it helps this is my local wallet where I am sending my native tokens:

Any help is very welcome!!!

Thank you very much in advance!

You might want to verify that the file policy/policy.script does indeed hash to 8c506607930699cd719dde56a6474928e8b0939ab2414935e9872755 and that the required-signature key hash inside that file does match the hash for policy/policy.vkey.

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Thank you very much for your response bwbush :wink:

As you can se the first requirement you pointed up is ok, the second one I really don’t understand what exactly are you meaning hahah, what it is ‘required-signature key hash inside policy/policy.script’ ? the “keyHash” value? so it would have to match the hash for policy/policy.vkey? and how could I check that? what means “match the hash for policy/policy.vkey”, it means be equal to the value of “cborHex”?

I am sorry if my questions are too basic haha, I am just starting with cardano hahah

Thank you very much for your time and response @bwbush :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like you are using the wrong value for the policy ID in your transaction: instead of 8c506607930699cd719dde56a6474928e8b0939ab2414935e9872755, which is the hash of the verification key policy/policy.vkey, you need to compute the policy ID from the hash of policy/policy.script. The following command will compute the policy ID for that script:

$ cardano-cli transaction policyid --script-file policy/policy.script 

If you replace 8c506607930699cd719dde56a6474928e8b0939ab2414935e9872755.melcoin in your transaction with 68295ef9586b6e278bbcbce58d981313322e4970a463a88cde0d94c7.melcoin, then the transaction should validate.

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Thank you very much @bwbush , it was that!! Now is working :stuck_out_tongue: !!!


Hello all,
I’m very exciting with the cardano project!
I just received some test tokens from Faucet and wanted to send it back. However, when I attempt to submit the transaction I get error message.

My testnet fullUTXO is the following:

This is my cardano-cli command :

cardano-cli transaction build-raw
–tx-in 1f3e658961511244611e365a6921b6d6b3edd0bd0ff3786cd1b2f88a9a0052ec#0
–tx-in 22c390aaa50154eb3550d40b123bb9b07c6e57d8e6ee7f4fa8349d4e5acdfe02#0
–tx-in 37cc1b8ff8c782a50c45b8f45c28e6e5e322d0fd51c8f1e56813c1ae8b49db17#0
–tx-in 4269911d93800c9ca22d96719585f8f6f2232ad4018ac588eae90c98e46648a6#0
–tx-in 44a35553e98bc75baae3db501972fda8f722eb6f15ecc19121456243f13a31d8#0
–tx-in 603e63271762ffd22c20b061918a12e23dc70ae9d3596d26b163b71f7b6cb3f6#0
–tx-in 67bc631f0ba2a440fba27db91fef21eb64dd13b6fdc3e075068af7b78fb6765c#0
–tx-in 6fd260cd3b4473e31f06269857994a5e0dab7001aabe644003a71410276dbe7e#0 \
–tx-in 79f17e13be708d4204e0abe8b177f1a0414f5306fb363144cf66487d26e48f78#0 \
–tx-in 7a0b3c391fb2753db7d9ad6c4f4e896c30c8c8932d059294260796b570e0823e#0 \
–tx-in 7d4b9f00eba9bc08166baa51d77a3221d49d92baa4dbe9722dc837977d101528#0 \
–tx-in 8ce6bafe6232ea523462520e9d607040a1e6475c326b52678d90014823e3079b#0\
–tx-in be3975f71996b62cc34f1cdc87d676e619415ddb1f4672ffc372db913fe2202e#0 \
–tx-in bed6e07f8e541761df4f3d4cdf909d9433d61c1a16856aee7f56c232d6c34164#0 \
–tx-in bf1ddbf65fb6be91c89e68f685b4ecbf14e082340fae2238b1be023c38d3a0fe#0 \
–tx-in d1689b29f2af9f7fc3e01a45e46883edef041df10ffc4c735a30547a7b3192b8#0 \
–tx-in e09ab2afe6a8922c9e333bd2989cfb55fa182f76be6c3cc95001b631984b8dc2#0 \
–tx-in ea223682bc7a2e47d3a76bda152c7c20a1b025cb591e105747f6e518402c078a#0
–tx-in ebdfef0c8aface6bbe665e803974c0af805702168141618c1f4cd958d05cb7c8#0
–tx-in f24327d0dd85847a85397f3c6ac52c2029aa808ce3232f65f5cbbc7457896074#0
–tx-out addr_test1qpmw2ehk6skme3yleaasw3e3jy02chyc5248avhvx3q2tqltsxy4g2r6asrteksdrmuyda690ku6z6nalsg9msfsny3q34l46g+20388613339
–tx-out addr_test1qqr585tvlc7ylnqvz8pyqwauzrdu0mxag3m7q56grgmgu7sxu2hyfhlkwuxupa9d5085eunq2qywy7hvmvej456flknswgndm3+13000000+“7 6b8d07d69639e9413dd637a1a815a7323c69c86abbafb66dbfdb1aa7”
–invalid-hereafter 24498829
–fee 240433
–out-file tx.raw

Can you help me?

Thank you in advance