Native tokens in stake pool

Hi, I am new to the cardano forum, I am doing a project and I need to know if it can be staked from the native cardano tokens, that is, can I create a native token and create a pool where my token can be used to validate blocks? Can I somehow create an option or a smart contract so that the tokens can be locked for a certain time in my stake pool? If you can stake from native tokens, could you create a stable coin to guarantee investors in the stake pool that it will not devalue? Thank you very much for responding, greetings!

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Good question… what I know is that you will able to pay the fees with native tokens

And with smart contracts probably you can create similar things like staking…

No. Only ADA can be use to delegate to Stake Pools and validate blocks. Otherwise someone can just create 1 trillion native tokens, fund all the pools and steal all staking rewards.
The way Babel will work is by choice. Owner of a Stake Pool can decide to pay ADA to complete native token transaction instead of individuals transacting. As a reward they will get amount of that Native token instead of ADA. So, if no Stake Pool owners are willing to take that token, you still gonna have to pay ADA for transactions.

You could create smart contract that can lock other peoples ADA in a wallet for certain period of time, then you can stake that wallet to your stake pool. But one of the great benefits of staking with ADA is that your ADA in never locked. So, I’m not sure if you are going to have many takers for that contract.

There is already a stable coin coming to Cardano. It’s called AgeUSD. However, ADA is still the only token you can use for staking.