How can make ada staking pool with native token reward

I have own token, im trying to create ada staking pool that give my own token as reward.
Pls guide me how to create it?

The stake pool and the protocol cannot distribute your custom tokens as rewards. If you distribute your tokens yourself to the delegators, it’ll introduce additional costs for you in terms of transactions costs and minimum ADA that needs to be part of the transactions. Check out other solutions like DripDropz where delegators can claim the tokens by themselves and pay for the incurring fees.

But if you search on eternl wallet staking area you see some tokens as ORCA or RICK and others are in the staking area with own pools . I sent SS

ORCA doesn’t seem to have anything to do with a token.
RICK seems pretty dead, but they may have had a token at some time.

You can, of course, choose a ticker and a token name that happen to be the same (and should probably then make sure that there is neither a pool nor a relevant token already using that ticker/name).

But that still doesn’t mean that the token can be staked or distributed automatically by the protocol. From the point of view of the chain and Eternl, it is still a usual stake pool where you stake ADA and get ADA rewards.