Natural Youtube user growth? Stats for ETH vs EOS vs ADA

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Check the data and make up your own mind, comment on user growth for ETH and ADA vs EOS “Total views”. You can fact check the sources yourself and also notice how well Cardano is performing.

What do you think? Youtube stats - ETH vs EOS vs ADA.pdf (279.9 KB)

Read PDF first, then you can check this site your self (click the [Views] button for the most interesting graph):


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Fixed 404 link, uploaded pdf instead.

Here are my thoughts:

Great to see how well Cardano is performing vs. ETH and EOS on Youtube stats.
It shows the quality of content and how dedicated and resilient their fans are. (It’s a marathon).

EOS continues to be creative with numbers to make them self look better then they actually are.

ETH is stagnating or even declining.

Cardano is the future for 3rd Gen. Blockchain.


Thanks for posting up :slight_smile: @decentrom

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