Need development resources, have a real project and app, but don't have much money

Hi. I have a online gambling app and am seeking development resources (Cardano tech).

If you’re young and need some experience with Haskell and need a reference, we’re your guys!

The good: We have a real app and are a brand new company in a HUGE market in the US (online gaming). We are two people strong (me the co-founder designer and troublemaker and my financing partner). We are as flat as you get right now and, if you’re a good fit, we can offer you stake in the company.

The bad: Being honest and transparent - Can’t pay you a salary. But, can pay a tiny monthly stipend.

We’re good folks and have the tiger by the tail with our app. Need dev help!!!


thank you @anon88063741. We’ve found resources and are well on our way…we think. :slight_smile:

thanks again!

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Do you still need people?