Need help with rotating KES key in cntools

I’m trying to rotate KES key in cntools but it isn’t not rotating. I’ve done it before but this time doesn’t seem to work. Please advice what am I doing wrong?
Step1 - cntools - pool - decrypt - rotate - *select pool - encrypt pool

Step2 - restarting the node: sudo systemctl restart cnode.service

Then when I check back cntools, the kes key warning still show and key has not been rotated.

Appreciate all the help, Thanks.

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It’s fine… just wait for the node to start… till then cntools will show that warning


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I got it. Just like you said all nodes need to be fully synced before KES key rotation works. I had some problem with syncing at first but after increasing memory, it turns out to be ok and much faster. Thank you for your help. I’ve learnt a lot from all your posts. Really appreciate the thing you are doing here, Alexd. :+1:

you are welcome, anytime :beers: