New Project need user feedback

Name: BettttingAda
Description: Decentralized Sports Betting
Website: preview

Hi, we’re looking for testers in preview network.

Currently anyone can choose from the matches available and bet.

At the current stage it would be nice if more people try the dApp if we can catch bugs,

  • Connect/disconnect wallet
  • Mint token,
  • share referral address
  • mint with referrals
  • bet with ada
  • bet with ada and bead.
  • check bets
    You can also mint a bonus token (not mandatory) to enhance your bets.

Please leave feedback.
I’ll keep updating this topic when new features are available

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You can also follow our Catalyst proposal: Community

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Your first URL doesnt work.

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thanks, it was not meant to be a url :slight_smile:

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