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I don’t know anything about actually working with the Cardano blockchain. I’m new to buying crypto. I believe in Cardano after some research. I just have questions about Cardanos future development. I look at it as one crypto that will solve alot of the problems associated with blockchain. My current questions are if Cardano is involved with Iot like cryptos like Helium and if it is working toward a common timestamp like Solana. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Solana runs a Proof of History protocol, so they need to have a timestamp. Cardano runs on Proof of Stake protocol, so no need for time stamps. It divides time into epochs that are 5 days long and divides epochs into 1 second slots. So, it doesn’t matter what time it is. When epoch starts it just “counts down” from 432,000, when it reaches 0, then new epoch starts.
Helium is trying to build global wireless network using nodes. If they succeed any network should be able to use their wireless nodes if needed/ wanted.
Cardano is built as a selfsufficient network. It can work with and theoretically absorb some other networks, but it doesn’t need any other crypto project to function.
if you would like to explore Cardano further try starting here:

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The Solana comparison I understand. I’m new to Iot technology. Will it include cell phones. I was wondering if Cardano will get into wireless technology. And if not is Helium a good buy.

Like Neo said in theory many other chains could integrate into Cardano, mostly due to the native token and EUTxO ledger model as the basis. It is quite easy to wrap your token, which once Plutus is released will be doable with a trustless contract that will preserve the value of the token and permit it to move around the Cardano network. So, the design is quite open to the possibility of interaction with other chains. Metadata being incorporated into the transactions themselves also helps improve the flexibility of applications for the overall system.

Regarding time stamps, the protocol doesn’t really use them that way, however recently a new revision was published to github which has a number of changes in preparation for Alonzo fork (the launch of contracts). Among the release notes there is this:

Provide the ledger with the ability to perform slot to time conversion. This will be needed for Plutus scripts in the upcoming Alonzo release. (#3036), (#3098)

Thus it appears the concepts of slots and time as used by things like contracts may be becoming interchangable. This sounds like the concept of a “common timestamp” you were asking about, hopefully that is informative for you.

Is Helium a good buy? … My friend, if I could see the future i would be a billionaire :smiley: If you are looking just for investment advice, then forums like these are not very good place to do that. If you are investing by yourself, with out financial adviser to guide you, then I suggest you look up risk management and portfolio building info first. Once you decide what is your risk tolerance and make a strategy for investing, then you will know if Helium is a good addition to your portfolio. If you don’t have much money and are just looking for that one crypto to get into because you like crypto, then invest in the one you are willing to be a part of.

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