New to the Community

Hello Cardano Community!

I’ve been holding ADA since its inception, but only recently decided it was time to dig deeper into the technical world of crypto. I have a background in structural engineering, so this journey will be filled with opportunities to learn!


Very glad to have you here! It’s going to be an exciting couple of years.

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Welcome to the community! May I ask what got you into Cardano? Did it have something to do with your engineering background? Just curious.

Great question! I can’t say my engineering background had much to do with it, but I would say my appreciation for quality control (stemmed from my practice) helped me sift through various projects. I recogonized Cardano’s transparent relationship with the community, as well as the incredible peer reviewed process and decided to give the project more attention!

Thanks for sharing! The very few people I personally know who look into Cardano have a similar line of reasoning. I have this theory that people with backgrounds in fields of applied science who appreciate quality control will gravitate towards this project. So when someone mentions they are an engineer or in computer science, I always ask what got them into Cardano.

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Welcome @jpurin!