No Minted Blocks


So as part of my routine check on the staking pool, I came across something unusual, or at least that’s how it looks to me. Pool ticker is CRS.

If you look at the rewards section at e355, the number of minted blocks dropped massively to only 1 block, then for e356 it shows 0/13.2.

Am I just being unlucky, or is there something wrong here? Last thing I’ve done on the BB was to rotate the KES keys, and they are still fresh valid until November.

Here is my BB gLiveView

Any clue?

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Do you run leaderlogs to see if you were supposed to get blocks that you missed?

Would help in determining if bad luck or something wrong.

Also, I see you skipped the update to 1.34.1, which is okay, I think. But keep an eye on, when you have to update to 1.35.x or it will stop working on the Vasil hard fork.

EDIT: Oh, I see ”Leader: 32“ there. You should have gotten way more blocks. Something’s off. Do your relays have incoming connections?

Thank you, I will install the Leader Log script now and let you know

Yes my two relays have incoming connections. Right now one of them has 154 incoming and 12 outgoing. Everything is clean when running

Tried to install the leader log script, but something is off. I followed this guide: Leader Log Scripts - Love2Stake Docs

But when I do

cardano-cli query ledger-state --mainnet --allegra-era --out-file ledger-state.json

I get

Invalid option `–allegra-era’

Check your leadership schedule with:

CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH='/run/cardano/mainnet-node.socket' cardano-cli query leadership-schedule --mainnet --genesis /etc/cardano/mainnet-shelley-genesis.json --stake-pool-id "blahblahblah" --vrf-signing-key-file /etc/cardano/private/vrf.skey --current

Adjust the file paths to your setup.

That one is only available from 1.34 on, but the pool is still running 1.33.0.

Okay then, I will upgrade my pool accordingly. Which is the most stable version that I should go for?

IOG says, it’s already okay to go for 1.35.3, but I would be more wary and go for 1.34.1 for the time being.

Note: You will have to update to 1.35.3 or maybe a later version in a few epochs in any case.

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Will try that first, hopefully it will fix my problem. Thank you!

You should check your logs as well. With that much stake you should be minting a block each epoch…


It looks like u rotated the KES ~ 8-9 days ago and no more blocks since the … I am sure ur op.cert is invalid

What incremental counter did u use? On adapools last one used is 4… should be used any number > 4

Hmmm, can’t tell, since the relays are not reachable:

Then probably the relays are down…no in peers… issues propagating the blocks


Don’t know. Maybe op cert with new KES and new relays not submitted?

Shouldn’t it be exactly 5 with the new rules in Vasil. Maybe, we should start to say so?

No because the HF not ocurred and he is using 1.33.0… but yeah, if the last o adapools was 4 then the next one should be 5 indeed

I think you might be right, because when I was checked the journal a few hours ago (After upgrading to 1.35.3), it said that the KES keys does not match the key in the certificate or something like that. I checked my kes.vkey and it appears that I forgot to copy it to my air-gapped machine when I issued the certificate. So once my BB finishes syncing, I should be able to double check everything again.

Relays cannot be reached because I overwritten the topology files and they were invalid for some hours, but I fixed that now and when the topology updater works, they should be listed again.

The issue about this whole thing, is that upgrading or doing anything with the nodes is messy. Lots of resources filled with inaccurate or outdated information, and I pretty much spent the whole day trying to figure this out and upgrade properly.

I will let you know what happens next.

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Maybe because u rushed to upgrade to 1.35.3?

Was no announcement regarding to upgrade urgently to 1.35.3

PS: once the 1.35.3 will be safe to use on mainnet then… the guides will come

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Nope. If you read the thread, it was still on 1.33.0 the whole time.

Aaargh, after you answered that

to that

I thought, you were going for 1.34.1.

Install cncli leaderlog, this way u will know if u lose blocks
It will really help u to check when u have a spot to upgrade the nodes… etc