Nope... not Danish!

Just an English family guy living in Denmark now for 32 years… extending my warmest Hello’s to the Cardano forum Family/Community. Loving the project. The world is in desparate need of Cardano and all it stands for.

Looking forward to all the study, getting to know the people here and witnessing the evolving power of Cardano technology. :blush:


Welcome @Leslie Good to have you here! :wave:

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cheers, always nice to see a new face. welcome.

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Thanks for the warm welcome @Josh_Munday, @neg0tiators & @Ada_Cardano1 Great to be here! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Welcome @Leslie!


good to have you here @Leslie

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Appreciate the warm welcome @Andy_Hendrikx @Tilmar. Thanks.

Nice words! Welcome @Leslie!

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Back attcha @CardanoCastellano :slight_smile: Thank you.