Our first official webcast - review and feedback

@chauey Thank for the feedback - Crowdcast does stream to facebook live stream which was available. It also streams to YouTube so we can look into this as well.


@goracio Thanks Roman - hearing you loud and clear! :slight_smile:

Hi @dreday966 we will definitely look at YouTube in the future - Crowdcast integrates with it also.


Yep, it’s in the original thread regarding this webcast. Would you kindly make note of it? Can you also have a CF or IOHK person start scouring the forums and other outlets for questions and provide answers in a wikified FAQ form so that we can point every newcomer to it? Many questions repeat very often and people tend to look for FAQs more than they’re willing to read long documentation. Thank you.

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@MartinMKD Hi Martin, if you could help me out with the question, do you know which one please? Thanks.

We have started the Help Centre here https://help.cardanohub.org but appreciate we need to add more - it’s on the list of things to do :smiley:



yes, youtube is better at streaming

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Thanks Martin :slight_smile:

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Even with the technical issues, the content was fantastic!

Was the webcast useful?
Yes, it had somewhat of a mission statement of the types of problems Cardano could address, and it was good to hear about the aspirations and goals of Cardano.

Was it what you expected?

Yes, in that I got some form of introduction to the personalities behind Cardano. It was informative and the format of taking in community questions was great! There was short-term information, long-term information and a realistic comparison of Cardano to its ‘competition’.

What would you like to see in future webcasts?

As a person who has ADA, it would have been nice to hear more emphasis on why one would hold ADA over its competitors. From a personal standpoint, I was interested in hearing about the KMZ sidechains and CSL. I didn’t expect it to be on the first webcast because I feel it may be too heavy for digestion in the first webcast, but I would love to see some visual explanations of how both are utilized.

But I was delighted to see the first webcast! As other users suggested, I believe YouTube handles 100k+ viewers well. Though not directly relative, I know for a fact that Twitch handles streaming very well, it’s what they’re known for.

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Unfortunately the replay doesn’t seem to work for me. Got to say crowd cast is making cardano look bad by association. I was very keen to see the webcast on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but I am losing interest now!

Great job guys!!

Was the webcast useful?
The webcast was absolutely useful. This was a great way to see the other brilliant minds steering the ship and large community engagement that buy into the Cardano vision will create stickiness if we hit geo political rough patches.
Was it what you expected?
Yes. I would love for the production quality to improve but i thought the questions and answers were great. Maybe you guys should do the webcast and glasses of whiskey! :slight_smile: this is fun dammit!!!
What would you like to see in future webcasts?
Some of the excitement for me was getting a sense of the flywheel affects that are being generated within Cardano approach both in principles, coding, and networking to all the communities…more discussion of how all these elements will look like in the years to come.


I would like to echo the enthusiasm of @saline09. I thought this was very useful and I would like to see more. I also echo those who voiced there opinion on using YouTube. I expected more questions to be answered, but time is limited I understand. I would like to see Darren Camas join and talk about Emurgo and the partnerships developing in that sphere.

I actually stopped the podcast to buy as much Cardano as I could… then resumed. That is how I felt about it.

Thanks very much for the feedback - appreciated :smiley:

Thanks for your feedback :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback - very, very useful :smiley:

Sorry to hear about your issue. Works fine for me and for people I’ve spoken to… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Does it still not work?


A great live broadcast

Yes working now thanks

Thanks for letting me know!

thanks @cf_jonmoss for the webcast, following through with it and interacting with us the community.

i’ve been working on a told version to be posted on d.tube/steemit, any chance there’s a version of the cast that doest skip in places like the crowd cast one does halfway through Charles’ answer (talking about the importance and defensibility of community over forkable technology) at the 12:30 minute mark?

i’m trying to get the salient points and this bit i feel has some important points.