Ouroboros Praos is not proved to be secure

So I got these:

  • Ouroboros is a provably Secure Proof of Stake Protocol. But Ouroboros can’t work in the real network (only work in the test net or local network) because of its synchronous assumptions.
  • Ouroboros Praos is an upgrade from Ouroboros. The Praos is described as “An adaptively-secure, semi-synchronous proof-of-stake protocol”. Then, this is not proved to be secure. And we are going to run the Ouroboros Praos on the mainnet.

My question is: The Cardano will NOT use the provably secure protocol. Is this correct ?


I would like to know the answer to this question too.

The Ouroboros Praos has just been accepted to the EUROCRYPT 2018 conference. https://eurocrypt.iacr.org/2018/acceptedpapers.html .

Congratulations to the researchers & IOHK.