Ouroboros probable secure

Hi Cardanians!

I am just translating another page of our golden website: the Ouroboros main page.
I read this:

There have been a number of attempts by other cryptocurrencies to develop a proof of stake algorithm, although these protocols have suffered from flaws and have not been shown to be provably secure.

The other protocols include also Ethereum Casper?

I have only read a summary on Casper, although I talked with Vlad Zamfir about it and seen him present on the game theoretical aspect. They will go with a hybrid solution first(pow/pos), which is safer. Casper, I was told, was rejected from the conferences. This news may be hearsay. As far as proving its security model, the large amount of game theory in it makes it hard to prove. Look up the cobra effect, incentives are hard.

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You meant “provable” or “probable” secure? Slightly different

@Scotlad If you’re better than the IOHK’s team of cryptographers (and I am not saying it’s impossible, there are plenty of geniuses out there), why don’t you expose why Ouroboros is not secure with arguments instead of just stating it?


You didn’t answer the question, but nice way to avoid it. You are basically screaming FUD on several pages of this forum without anything to back it up.

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