P2P Enabling in Config files

Hello. I’ve recently updated my pool to 1.35.6. And now I see that there’s further instructions to follow to enable p2p communications/advertising.
I briefly looked at the instructions of the file modifications and I think I may need some help with getting this accomplished, while also tying up loose ends.
For example, I looked around of for the first file needing this attention, mainnet-config.json. and I don’t see it in my home/cardano-my-node folder. If I do a search, I do see it. It’s inside the git folder /home/“username”/git/cardano-node/configuration/cardano
Is that the referenced file and the correct location?
Also, the config files that are referenced here:
Can they be downloaded and saved to a certain location on a staking server? If so, is the location I refenced above the location to save them to? Or are these files produced during the installation and unique to each server?
I remember these files being put in the cardano-my-node folder. And if that’s the case, can I just copy and paste them from the /home/“username”/git/cardano-node/configuration/cardano folder into the cardano-my-node folder?
Thank you for your help.

Also called config.json some tutorials rename them (Coincashew used to). You should already have a config.json file in your cardano node directory. It wouldn’t run otherwise.

Yes. You’re right. There is a config.json file. I guess that’s unique to my server? Beyond that, there are new files such as mainnet.json, mainnet-topology.json, etc. What are these files in the subfolder of the git folder, and not copied to the cardano-my-node folder? And how are they called upon? The regular topology.json file, for example, is set in the startcardano.sh file.

In addition to this question: I just visited https://explorer.mainnet.cardano.org/relays/topology.json

and I found my server on the list. But the port it has listed is the port number that I thought my block producing node was talking to my relay on, as it dished out a block (no blocks yet). I would have thought that the port listed here would be the port number that is forwarded to the relay as it get blockchain updates? How do I get this straightened out?

Use these links to understand the config.json and topology.json changes you need to make:

You can also seed a couple of preferred relays in the public section of topology.json using this list which is generated from ledger (P2P will anyway choose relays from the ledger weighted by stake distribution):

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Have you followed a tutorial to set up your stake pool?

What does the topology file look like on the BP with P2P enabled?

It will just specify local peers (relays), but you shouldn’t use it on BP yet. Keep them on the regular non-P2P static topology for now.