Per-owner rewards query in cardano-db-sync for multi-owner pools, how?

I operate a multi-owner pool with separate rewards account.
I’m not able to find per-owner rewards in cardano-db-sync.
I am able to query total rewards that go to the rewards account, but not per-owner rewards as seen on if you visit the address page.

Any help or snippet will be highly appreciated!
I really hope that such data exists in db-sync and is not something custom or not publicly available :worried:

Right now rewards distribution is cumbersome, I have to manually go to to determine each owner’s exact reward and do transactions.
Since recently that became even harder when has prevented seeing rewards for not your, not-claimed address.

Since recently that became even harder when has prevented seeing rewards for not your, not-claimed address.

you can see the rewards for each stake address also on

but… u are talking about the pool cost rewards right? (340 ADA + MARGINs); I don’t think you can split the pool rewards to multiple addresses

No, I’m not talking about pool cost rewards … total_rewards - pool_total_fees. …

I’m talking about Exact Staking Rewards per each Owner. Reward for each owner from his pledge/stake.
I have such setup: Owner1, Owner2, Reward_acc (not owner).

Reward_accaunt receives - total_pool_rewards = total_delegation_rewards + pool_total_fees

total_delegation_rewards = owner1_pledge_reward + owner2_pledge_reward

So is showing exactly amounts for owner1_pledge_reward and owner2_pledge_reward.
I’m interesting in getting this data programmatically rather then manually copy-pasting per-owner digits from the site. (I know how to write web crawlers too, but c’mon …)

So i’m interested if such data exists in cardano-db-sync.

Or is doing dumb arithmetics and ratios calculations (total_rewards-total_fees)/owner_ratios

Hi den-is,

I am curious if you discovered a way to query epoch rewards data for a given pool with db-sync component? I’d like to write a utility program that can prepare payout data of pool rewards based on some kind of waterfall payout formula and take into account multi-owner percentages.

Just curious if you have learned anything about programmatically determining how to split rewards by owner based on pledge amount?