Planning transactions

Hi all,

I was wondering if it where possible to create a transaction that is validated after a certain time without the need of interacting with the chain once it is send. I know that the Cardano blockchain is lazy, in the sense that the state does not progress without the cosumption of UTXO (and thus interactions). Is there some way to store a transaction in the MEM pool of nodes? I think it is not possible but I was wondering if maybe someone could come up with a clever way.

Perhaps what you are looking for a is a vesting smart contract?

There is a rough example on the plutus playground if you want to fiddle with different values. Keep in mind slots on Cardano are 1 second so they can be easily converted to and from unix epoch time values should you need to integrate to more traditional off-chain time representations.

Hi, tnx for the reply and for the suggestion. The vesting indeed poses a nice solution, one can create a reward for anyone to commence any handling to the block chain after a certain time. What I was more or less fishing for was a cheap way to implement option orders that expire. I didn’t go through with any further development since I wanted transaction free option. But I deduced that such transaction could not be possible since this could be an attack vector by bloating the mempool with data. Just a though experiment to better conceptualize the possibilities on the cardano chain.

That sounds like a DEX use case. I would wager that’s above my weight class as I do not even know how to use options or futures on existing centralized exchanges. Conceptually combing a vesting smart contract with an off-chain order book could get you part of the way there though.