PoA stakepool is now live - Proof of Africa

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce the official launch of our stakepool. You can find us on Daedalus and Yoroi with our ticker: PROOF.

First, our stakepool is based in South Africa. This makes sense with our project being entirely focused on driving adoption in Africa.

We have been running nodes since late December and a private stakepool since a week and half now. These test periods have allowed us to refine our infrastructure, to make sure our delegators will receive the rewards they deserve.

Stakepool fees will be used with caution initially to fund the organization of events, such as meet-ups, hackathons,… And later to give grants to fund the development of dApps in Africa.

We are also planning on a long-term perspective to start funding Africa-based start-ups active in the Cardano ecosystem.

Our stakepool is our only source of revenue, so be sure to delegate to us! :slight_smile: