Pool saturation and block reward probability

Hi everyone, please, can you explain me how decision about new saturation limit will help to decentralize Cardano? I noticed that huge operators are just creating more pools now, so ADA will continue to be delegated to the same people, or I don’t understand something?

Another one question about block reward. We have the problem that the new pool operators do not have enough funds to delegate to their own pool enough to start generating blocks, so it scares potential pool operators. Why we can’t reduce the block reward by 10 times and then increase the probability of its generation by 10 times? Then the person who invested $10,000 in his own pool will have a more than 50% chance of creating a block and receiving a reward. What is the point of the huge variance, that scares new pool operators?

This is a concern that I have raised as well. The point is that you can stake 20,000 USD to your pool and spend a lot of time and money on setting up the node only to find out that it will take months or years to actually mint a block. I know that the responses have been along the lines of that they need to keep the nodes reliable and that they need commitment to the project but I would have thought that 20,000 USD is a pretty decent commitment from an average guy to support a project and decentralisation. I am sorry that I may come across as someone who is always complaining but I do think that these are legitimate concerns.

Your not wrong, if you go to https://adapools.org/ticker-disputes its a good place to get an idea of how many pools people have… this is not an exact count because some may be under dispute but you will get an idea… Even some of the vocal operators in the community that you would think wouldn’t have opened more pools, changed there tune once IOG said the parameter was changing… greed sets in…