Project Catalyst Fund-8 Vote: DeFi Challenge Category

Please help bring back a dedicated DeFi challenge category for Fund-9 that was missing in Fund-8 but existed previously. We sometimes forget that blockchain and Web3 mean the “internet of value” = “digital money” = “decentralized finance” = DeFi. :bulb:Finance is about much more than getting rich, it is about allocating resources properly and needs to move from flawed legacy systems back to the users and creators. It deserves its own category! Possible directions are oracles, a crucial interface between the blockchain and the world at large, “tech” and “truth”. Another one is micro lending, banking the unbanked. More legacy financial services need to be decentralized: think mortgages, trade finance, clearing, rating services etc.

Why vote for this? For those of you not yet funded, this is going to be a great platform to present any proposals related to decentralized finanical applications. If you have previously been funded, this is a chance to mentor or collab with new people and bright ideas.

Vote for Challenge Setting Cardano DeFi Dominance

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Hi @PShannon

As you rightly point out, DeFi is a rapidly growing area and future of Cardano. It deserves to have its own category so that DeFi proposers can be mentored by funded proposers in this category. By having a specifically dedicated “DeFi category”, we attract potential DeFi proposers from outside Cardano who might not know that they can propose in a broader defined category. Our Boosting Cardano’s DeFi telegram group is a community that exists since Fund 7 and grows continuously.

Our Telegram channel is Telegram: Contact @BoostingCardanoDeFi
We look forward to welcoming DeFi future proposers and any DeFi enthusiasts who want to discuss more.

Let’s grow together & see you there!

June Akra

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