Project Shelley (September 2018) Update

Watch the latest Project Shelley video update with IOHK project manager, Liz Bancroft-Turner. As always, she starts with a recap of the project and why they are doing this project. She will also share updates from the last month (September) and touch on the test and quality plan they are working on.

Summary of September’s Update for Project Shelley


  • Goal of Shelley = “a path to full decentralization in Cardano”
  • there are 3 main workstreams: incentives, delegation and networking
    • incentives: encouraging stakeholders to follow protocol, ensure system runs smoothly
    • delegation: allowing users to hand over their right to a third party
    • networking: enabling infrastructure to support decentralization

Project Roadmap & Update:

  • This project is split into 3 key project phases: research, design and implementation
  • green items signifies completed deliverables
  • research phase is complete: 2 papers submitted
  • currently in the design phase
  • design specification has progressed and the text document is being translated into mathematical notation
  • have been working on the detailed technical implementation plan and thinking about what the dependencies are, what can be worked on in parallel, what is sequential, how long will it take, what skills are required
  • on the networking side, there is an initial design of the comms protocol
  • also spent significant time on the design and implementation of the peer to peer discovery
  • there is also a new deliverable: Test and Quality Plan

Test and Quality Plan

  • it covers IOHK’s testing methodology, which includes: test strategy, test execution strategy and test management
  • will ensure that the development team will follow best practices for quality control, will reveal scope and procedures of testing, and highlight tools, requirements, risks, mitigation plans
  • aside from functional testing, it will also cover non-functional testing (such as performance and benchmarking tests, security tests, transition from centralized to decentralized network tests)