Prometheus Testnet Showing Hardware Stats but not Cardano's Ledger Stats

Hi, I am setting up Prometheus + Grafana to get data feeds on my Relay Node. I am using IOHK’s config file to set up my grafana dashboard. However, after importing it this is what I see. The first image is the top half of the dashboard and the bottom image is the second half. For some reason, Grafana is says there is no data on the first image which seems to be providing information about the chain, but everything works fine for the second image which shows the hardware stats of the node. Did anyone have this issue before? If so, how did you go about solving this?

On Prometheus, I was able to verify that my connection to the relay node is working as shown in the image here

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Show me the metric for one pannel which not working…


Hi @Alexd1985, I updated my main image which shows the image. The first image is showing “No Data” and the second image, which is the second half of the grafana dashboard is working. The second image shows information more about the CPU/Hardware Utilization of the server. The first image seems to describe information about the state of the ledger.

Yes, go to one pannel which are not showing data click edit and show me the metric… since the new version 1.25.1 was released the metrics also changed

Should be cardano_node_metrics_

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@Alexd1985 Here is it!

Ok, should be


U must update all metrics

Are you saying the prefix of the metrics has changed to always begin with cardano_node_metrics_? I added the metrics you suggested on top of the existing metrics and it seems to work! Is there a repository that stores the most up to date config?


I think no, I didn’t found;
Update all metrics and save the dashboard


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